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Custom Return Addresses: Streamlining Your Shipping and Branding Process
Custom Return Addresses: Streamlining Your Shipping and Branding Process
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To ensure a smooth and transparent process for utilizing the custom return address, we've outlined the following Terms and Conditions. Sellers are encouraged to carefully review and adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Liability for Incorrect Addresses:

    • Sellers are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date return address information. Any changes to the return address must be promptly updated in the seller's account settings.

    • Sellers understand that providing an invalid return address may lead to delivery issues, i.e. failed return, and they accept liability for any consequences arising from inaccurate information.

  2. Seller Responsibility for Returns Handling:

    • Fuel does not accept returns (read more here: Return and Refund policies). Sellers utilizing a custom return address must handle their own returns. Fuel is not responsible for any fees incurred during the returns initiation process or any associated logistics.

  3. Communication with Customers:

    • Clear instructions should be provided to the customers regarding order returns to avoid any shipping errors.

    • Sellers should communicate any specific packaging requirements for returned items. This ensures that returned products are received in an acceptable condition for processing and claim filing with Fuel.

  4. Adherence to Fuel Return and Refund Policies:

    • You have a Claim Period of up to 30 days from when a domestic order is shipped to file a claim with Fuel customer support. Photo evidence is sufficient to start the claim process. Sellers are encouraged to file claim(s) as soon as they become aware of an issue, and this can be done independently of the physical return reaching their custom address, as long as it follows our Return and Refund policies.

    • Claims submitted outside this period will not be considered, and please be aware that we will not be able to resolve such claims. Sellers are strongly urged to initiate claims for orders promptly within the specified claim period.

Custom Return Address Guideline

Welcome to our guide on using the Custom Return Address feature at Fuel. This feature is specifically designed to enhance your branding and streamline your shipping process. By establishing a custom return address, you can ensure consistency across all your shipments and effectively bolster your brand's presence.

Eligibility and Custom Return Address Requirements

  • Eligible Products: Use the 'Custom Return Address' filter on our catalog page to determine which of your products are eligible.

  • U.S. Address Only: Please note that the return address must be a U.S. address to comply with our shipping protocols and for efficient handling.

Setting Up Your Custom Return Address

  • Access “Shipping Preferences”: Here is where you can manage and update your shipping configurations.

  • Add or Edit Your Return Address: Easily add or modify your U.S. return address using the 'Manage Address' option.

  • “DEFAULT" Return Address: Initially, a standard Fuel address is set as the default. Once you add your own Custom Address it will automatically replace the standard one for any eligible orders. If you decide to revert to using our standard return address, simply select "Standard Fuel Address" to set it as your default option and click “Save.”

Order Fulfillment Mechanism

  • Fulfillment According to Default Return Address: Orders will be fulfilled based on the default address set at the time of order creation. It’s essential to ensure your default address is up-to-date to avoid any shipping discrepancies.

  • Visibility During Order Creation: Your return address is clearly displayed during order creation, allowing for easy confirmation and adjustments.

  • Order Details: The return address is also included in the 'Order Details' page for each order, ensuring all necessary information is at your fingertips.

Seller Responsibilities

  • Address Accuracy: It’s vital to provide an accurate and operational U.S. return address to avoid failed returns.

  • Address-Related Issues: While Fuel cannot directly assist with reshipments or complications from invalid addresses, we stress the importance of maintaining accurate address information to prevent such issues.

Thank you for being a part of the Fuel family. We are committed to supporting the growth and success of your business with our innovative solutions.

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