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What are your return and refund policies?
What are your return and refund policies?
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If there ever is a defect with any of the prints, we will reprint and ship that item at no extra cost. All you need to do is send the order number and a picture of the defect to and we will send out a replacement. Please make sure to clearly capture the defect/damage, along with the entire artwork on the product in the picture you send us.

For orders with design placement or print size issues, please send us a photo of the item received which includes a measuring tape/ruler to determine the distance (inches) between the front collar of the shirt and the design (for design placement issues) or the artwork's actual size (for print size issues).

Please be aware that there are acceptable discrepancies that may occur for home decor products. In some cases, these products may be slightly smaller than expected, typically within an inch or two, which is acceptable.

Please also note that for apparel products, most of our manufacturers will have a 2" discrepancy in their size chart. It very much depends on the manufacturer as most of our manufacturers determine their own threshold for tolerance when it comes to any sizing discrepancies.

We do not accept any returns or exchange items that were ordered incorrectly (e.g. size/color, wrong address, or an incomplete address). Orders sent back to our print centers cannot be resent since they don't have space to store unwanted or returned items. You can have the customer send the product to you though, or customize the return address with your address, and you are welcome to refund the customer or put in an order for a new product.

We do not refund returned orders due to the "Addressee unknown" status. It is the responsibility of the buyer (or seller) to include the correct shipping information including but not limited to the addressee's name. Please use this article as a guide.

We also do not refund orders that have been verified as delivered by the tracking carrier. Best to have your customers contact the local post office for those cases or file a claim with the delivery company:

US national orders: You have up to 30 days from when the order is shipped to file a claim with Fuel customer support.

International orders: You have up to 90 days from when the order is shipped to file a claim with Fuel customer support.

Important note: Please keep in mind that we do not refund or reprint orders with IP infringement, even if the orders were processed.

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