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How will Fuel charge me?
How will Fuel charge me?

Upon order submission, the Fuel POD system will charge you for the product's wholesale cost plus the shipping rate.

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After your customer completes their order from your Shopify store, or after you successfully submit orders, the Fuel POD system will import your order immediately and according to your payment settings to process the payment.

During the payment processing phase, the system will attempt to charge the linked payment option for the items' wholesale cost plus the shipping rate. Click here to see the price list and shipping fees for each product.

We do not offer the option to manually process payments or pull payments from your other sales channels. If you have multiple orders to process each day, our system will combine the fees for each order into a single charge in one payment batch, with each payment batch usually occurring no more than 2 hours apart.

As your business grows, keep in mind that your payment method may fail due to your bank blocking large transactions. If this happens, you may need to contact your bank to increase your transaction limit.

Payment options:

Paypal, Credit card, or Fuel Credit.

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