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How does your payment process work?
How does your payment process work?

You can decide when orders are processed.

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The Fuel POD app allows you to control when orders are sent to our system for processing. You can find the options by clicking:

Apps > Fuel - Print on Demand > Settings

There are two options where you can customize the payment process flow to best suit your needs:

Automatically Process Orders

By default, we will automatically send in your orders for production every 2 hours. You can select “No” to temporarily pause this process and manually process orders from your Orders page.

Cooling-off Period

You can choose how long you want your cooling-off period to be from when orders are received to when they are put in for production. This can only be customized if you set your orders to be automatically processed above.

By default, your Fuel orders will be processed 2 hours after they are received. You can remove the cooling-off period by setting it at 0 hours. The max period you can set is 168 hours (1 week).

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