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How to troubleshoot an ignored item order?
How to troubleshoot an ignored item order?
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If an order contains an item that is later modified or deleted while the order is processing, the Fuel system will automatically ignore the item and will look like this:

You need to add an existing item since the previous one no longer exists or recreate the product to fix the order.

  1. From the Shopify home page, click Products and identify the item you edited.

  2. From your Fuel page, go to Products and make sure the item you’ve modified is there. (If you’ve deleted the item, you will need to create the product again).

  3. Go to Orders, select the order with the error and click on Add Item.

  4. Select the product you have modified or created and click Add Item.

  5. Finally, click Resubmit Order.

The error should be fixed and the order should show a pending status. After processing the payment, the order should reach production soon.

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