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How to set vendor to Fuel using Shopify Bulk Editor?
How to set vendor to Fuel using Shopify Bulk Editor?
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If an order contains an item with a vendor not set to Fuel, our system will automatically ignore it. Therefore, you need to set Fuel as the vendor for all Fuel items. Use the Shopify Bulk Editor to save time:

1. Click "All" in the Products category, then select a product you want to edit or select all of your products.

2. Click on the "Edit Products" button to open the Bulk Editor.

3. Within the Bulk Editor, click on "Add Fields", scroll down and select "Vendor".

*Note: A new column will be added. Here you can change the vendor to "Fuel" for the products you created using the Fuel POD app.

4. Change the "Other vendor" name to "Fuel".

*Pro-tip: You can copy "Fuel" using the command "Ctrl + C" for Windows users or "⌘ + C" for macOS users and paste it using the command "Ctrl + V" or "⌘+ V" for the rest of your products.

5. Click "Save".

All the changes made will be applied. You can validate this by going to the products.

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