When setting up your store, Fuel should manage your inventory for all of the products we support. After creating your product, Shopify may set itself as the inventory manager. You can change this using the Shopify Bulk Editor to save time:

1. Click "All products" under the Products category, then click on a product.

2. Select all your products or the products you would like to edit.

3. Click on the "Edit Products" button to open the Bulk Editor.

4. Within the Bulk Editor, click on "Add Fields", scroll down and select "Stocked at".

*Note: A new column will be added. Here you can change Fulfillment Service (Inventory will be stocked at) from Shopify to Fuel.

5. Click "Multiple locations", and select "Fuel".

6. Click "Save".

All the changes made will be applied. You can validate this by going to the product at the variant level.

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