How to change the main mockup image
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The first impression is the lasting one. If you don't like your main mockup, you can swap it for another variant in the listing.

1. From the Fuel main page, click the Products tab.

2. Click the Edit button next to the item you wish to edit.

3. Click the Edit link to edit your item.

4. Click the colored swatches to remove all of the color variants except for your new main mockup color. Click the Done button.

5. Notice that only a single color remains, and it is now your main mockup. Click the Save Changes button.

6. Click the Products tab again to go back to your product listing.

7. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to edit the product.

8. Select new colors and click the Done button.

9. Click the Save Changes button.

10. Your store will now display the selected color as your main image.

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