What packaging do you use?
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For our clothing orders, we use poly envelope mailers similar to the image below.


Volume (cubic inches)

Package Weight (lbs)

12 * 8.5 * 2



14.5 * 10.5 * 4.5



24 * 18.5 * 4.5



For our posters, we use a triangular cardboard box similar to the image below.

Mug orders less than six will be individually boxed in a plain cardboard box similar to the image below. Each mug will have a unique tracking number.

For mug orders of 12 or more, mugs will be individually boxed and then placed in a larger shipping box.

Note: We are transitioning to styrofoam packaging and some mug orders will still receive the cardboard boxes until we exhaust the supply. Below are some photos are our upgraded packaging which should reduce our overall breakage rate.

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