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How to place designs on the mug?
How to place designs on the mug?
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You can now place two different designs on a single mug! During the production creation flow, select the mug size and then the colors.

1. Make sure that the Front tab is selected.

2. Click the Design Gallery link to select an image from your gallery or the mug to upload a new design.

  • After placing your image on the front of the mug, the same image will be placed on the other side by default.



Note: It's important to check both sides of the mug to ensure that the design is placed and sized correctly.

3. Click the "Back" tab to place a different design on the back of the mug.

4. Highlight the design by clicking the image on the mug.

5. Remove the design by clicking the trash icon located at the top left corner.

6. Repeat step 2 to add an image to the back of the mug.

7. Check the front and back of the mug.

8. Press the Publish to Store button.

Note: If you want to start with a blank mug, it is best to click the Remove All Designs button to ensure that no designs were unintentionally left.

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