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How to create a Photoshop design template
How to create a Photoshop design template

Learn how to create a design template with Photoshop and save time

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Photoshop has an integrated template system that will allow you to create a reusable artboard for each of your future Fuel projects. The steps below will help walk you through the process of setting up your own.

With Photoshop open, navigate to “File” in the upper left-hand corner and select “New.” This will bring up a window to either customize a new artboard and its settings or pick an artboard from existing templates.

With the artboard template window open, you can start customizing the dimensions and properties of your new template. Use the values below for the best results. We recommend designing a transparent background or deleting the background from an artwork before it goes to print to ensure that the background color is not printed in addition to the design.

When happy with your settings click the box with the downward arrow icon to the right of the name section of the template window.

Name your template “My Fuel Template” and click save preset.

Now any time you start a new document, you can select your template from the “Saved” category on the new document window with all of your optimized settings in place.

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