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Why does my order have an "Error" status?
Why does my order have an "Error" status?
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Top reasons your order was marked as an error:

  • The shipping address is not valid. You can validate the shipping address by using the USPS address validator

  • No product details were sent with the order

  • Item was not created through the Fuel app

  • A product was duplicated and then ordered. Duplicate products are not allowed

  • Order without address

  • The address number is out of range (new)

    • The error means that the house numbered entered is above or below what's in the USPS address database. Check the house or apartment number on your address for typos.

  • An exact street name match could not be found (new)

  • The address is not deliverable (new)

    • The physical location of this address exists, but there aren't any homes on the street. This can happen near railroads or rivers where buildings can't be constructed.

      Check your address information to make sure you're using the most accurate location info.

If you need more help, please visit our blog post about the top 10 errors and how to fix them.

Once you correct the error, please resubmit the order for processing.

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