Fuel allows you to bulk import orders and products from a CSV file. This is a great feature to use if you sell on a channel outside of Shopify or for sellers that create personalized designs.

Step 1: Upload your artwork to the Design Gallery

  • Be sure to use unique file names. You will use those to specify which designs your products will use.

Step 2: Go to the Orders page and select "CSV order import"

Fill out the downloaded file. See this article for a full explanation and see this article for common issues and how to solve them.

Step 3: Upload your CSV file

Step 4: Confirm order information is correct and select "Submit Orders"

Step 5: Orders are created and are ready to be sent to production

  • Click into your orders to verify the products and shipping information is correct

Step 6: Go to your Products page to make any edits to your created products

  • This step is optional but highly recommended to assure your designs are placed correctly

  • Once the design placement is verified, your orders are ready to be sent to production!

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