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We're beyond thrilled to announce the arrival of our 3 new holiday favorites that just got added to the Fuel catalog.......drumroll please!! And they are:

1. Mask: The demand for masks has increased sharply since 2020, making this item always a best seller until now. And today, it is officially on the Fuel shelf with 3 best-selling lines: 💁‍♀️Cloth Mask, 2 Layer, 3 Layer Mask for both adults and children.

2. Doormat: The doormat is now available on Fuel. This is also the best-selling product at the end of the year, suitable for most sellers' niches. The product will have 3 sizes for everyone to choose: 💁22.5"" x 15"" - 28"" x 17"" - 34"" x 23".

3. Tumbler: Always a priority choice in the year-end gift list, especially on the upcoming Christmas. Fuel has also selected 3 types that you sell the most to launch for this launch, which are: 💁‍♂️30oz Tumbler, 20oz Tumbler, and Wine Tumbler.

⚠️ Small note: Currently Tumbler only ships within the US

If you have any questions, please contact the Fuel Support Team via Live chat or Email so that we can assist you further!

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