We recently implemented a bulk charging system where multiple orders have been condensed into a single charge. Although this method will keep your bank statements shorter, some sellers would like to see a breakdown of their transactions.

While at your Shopify home page click:

Apps > Fuel - Print on Demand > Orders

Finally, click on the Export link to trigger the following popup.

Clicking either Export transaction histories or Export orders will trigger an email to be sent to the email on file with the CSV document.

The Export transaction histories will include the following information:

  • Order number, Name, Kind, Gateway, Created at (Date), Status, Amount, Currency, Card Type

The Export orders file will include the following information:

  • Order number, Financial Status, Paid at (date), Fulfillment Status, Fulfilled at (date), Accepts Marketing (Yes/No), Currencty, Subtotal, Shipping, Taxes, Total, Discount Code, Discount Amount, Shipping Method, Created at (Date), Lineitem quantity, Lineitem name (Product name), Lineitem Price, Lineitem compare at price, Lineitem sku, Lineitem requires shipping, Lineitem taxable, Lineitem fulfillment status, Billing Name, Billing Street, Billing Address1, Billing Address2, Billing Company, Billing City, Billing Zip, Billing Province, Billing Country, Billing Phone, Shipping Name, Shipping Street, Shipping Address, Shipping Address2, Shipping Company, Shipping City, Shipping Zip, Shipping Province, Shipping Country, Shipping Phone, Notes, Note Attributes, Cancelled at, Payment Method, Payment Reference, Refunded Amount, Vendor, ID, Tags, Risk Level, Source, Lineitem discount, Tax 1 Name, Tax 1 Value, Tax 2 Name, Tax 2 Value, Tax 3 Name, Tax 3 Value, Tax 4 Name, Tax 4 Value, Tax 5 Name, Tax 5 Value, Phone, Receipt Number
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