Step 1: Install the Fuel Print on Demand app

Installation instructions can be found here.

Step 2: Select “Create Products” to access the product catalog

Step 3: Choose one or more products from the catalog and then select “Continue to Mockup Creation”

Step 4: Configure your product settings

Settings you can change:

  • Group your products into 1 product listing or split into multiple listings

  • Choose your product mockup to be with or without a model

  • Publish your product as “Hidden” so it does not appear in your store

Step 5: Design your products

Settings you can change:

  • Upload artwork to be applied to all products

  • Drag and resize your artwork

  • Set artwork on the front and or back

  • Remove all designs from the product

Note: Back designs can only be placed at the center of the products.

Step 6: Set your product options

Settings you can change:

  • Set your price

  • Choose the colors and sizes for each of your products

  • Add a product title, description, assign collections and add tags if you choose to group your products into one listing. Note, this is the only time you can change your product description.

  • Clone items to create multiple variants of the same product

  • Add/remove items

Step 7:  Once you are ready to create your products, select “Publish to Store”

Step 8: Your products will then be generated and sent to your store

Actions you can take:

  • Select “Show in Store” to view your product listing

  • Select “Show in Admin” to make additional edits to your products

  • Select “Create More Products” to start the process again

  • Select "Manage Existing Products" to visit your Fuel products

Step 9: Go to "Settings" & add a payment method

Step 10: Set orders to automatically process

Step 11: Profit

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